frequently asked questions

is cloud beauty a vegan brand?

while the majority of our products are indeed vegan, we do occasionally use carmine in some colors. each vegan product will be clearly marked and we list all ingredients.

what happened to your other products?

2020 is a brand new start for cloud beauty. with the launch of the versailles and révolution française palettes, we decided to start completely fresh as a brand, with an all-new formula and colors.

what's the deal with "pressed pigments" and COSING?

COSING is the EU Inventory of Cosmetic Ingredients, and it can be found here. COSING is a database of cosmetic ingredients with safety information. the US FDA also maintains such a database, located here. these databases are largely similar, but do have some slight difference in which ingredients are considered safe for use around the eye area.

since COSING standards are the basis for not only the EU but also match the standards laid out by the majority of countries internationally, at cloud beauty we follow COSING’s rules for safety. this is why we call our products “pressed pigments.” it is up to you as the consumer to educate yourself on the safety of ingredients, especially if you plan on using them around the eye area, which is why we are providing the resources here for you to make an educated choice.